Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday Morning Worship

We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 11:00am. The atmosphere is fairly laid back. Most of the people tend to dress casually with a touch to the more formal side. For example, most of the guys tend to wear slacks and a dress shirt. However, you are more than welcome to come in whatever will make you feel most comfortable.

You will get a bulletin at the door to the sanctuary and then our service usually begins with some announcements and a time to meet and greet one another. After that we will sing a few hymns along with the choir, the pianist, and the lead vocalist. The hymns are regularly interspersed with a few contemporary and theologically rich songs.

Some Sundays we also have a specific time set aside for intercessory prayer. After we give our offerings, we will stand for the scripture reading, and then we usually have the children come up front for the children’s sermon.

The main sermon usually lasts around 40 minutes and focuses on one main Bible passage. During this time, we love to emphasize the Good News of the grace of God through the person and work of Christ on our behalf, and it’s practical implications for our lives.

After the sermon, we sing a song or two, give a closing prayer and then enjoy some good conversation with each other until it’s time for us to leave.

Communion is the first Sunday of every month.